Q Design Home in Cartagena

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As I was exploring the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, my eye was instantly attracted to Q Design on Calle de la Iglesia de la Estrella Esquina. Like most streets in the city, it was narrow, slightly crowded and it would be easy to miss the shop if it weren’t for the bright red logo out front. For a minute it reminded me of the Target bulls-eye, so I was intrigued, and then I saw a Kartell chair in the window and I knew this was a store I’d like! They carry a lot of my favorite brands/designers like Philippe Starck, Chilewich (I still have a favorite set of place mats on my table rotation I bought five years ago!), Foscarini, and Artemide. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi! It was amazing finding this little gem and I’m happy I was able to share it with you all. As always, thanks for reading! XOXO Jen





An Open Door to Design: Cartagena, Colombia

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Hi everyone! Recently, I was lucky enough to travel to Cartagena, Colombia to attend their Bridal Week which was hosted by the Sofitel Santa Clara. The event was wonderful, the hotel was gorgeous but the city was more than I could have ever imagined! If it wasn’t for the humidity I might have almost forgotten to breathe as I snapped away with my camera lens trying to capture all of the inspiration I could. Everywhere I looked around me was a vignette I couldn’t live without documenting (I am that person on a trip–always with my camera out!). The small cobblestone streets, the colonial architecture complete with balconies filled to the brim with bright pink and purple flowers that overflow from the second story windows, the sidewalks barely large enough for two to walk side-by-side which forces a closeness amongst the people, the mini taxis buzzing around the streets and the double doors that are painted beautiful hues with lines and textures that only weather and time can help create…Cartagena is a magical place! Most of the magic for me, however, was in the doors and the door-knockers. I was mesmerized by the ironwork and colors and just couldn’t get enough. Here are some of my favorites:












SONY DSCDSC02080DSC02105DSC02166SONY DSCIMG_7457IMG_7440IMG_7462DSC02253As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them and sharing them with you. Please come back to read more info about my experience in Cartagena! XOXO Jen

Fall Fashion! Already?! Budget With Me, Ladies!

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It feels like I was just at the beach and suddenly my inbox is overflowing with back to school deals and fall fashion. Last week we had a few days where the temperature dropped and I suddenly had that fall feeling come over me where I wanted to put on jeans, my riding boots and break out the pumpkin scented items. I’m not ready, though–I still have visions of palm trees in my head! This summer has just flown by but this weekend I decided to jump on the bandwagon and check out the Arundel Mills Mall for some fashion deals. If you’ve never been there, it’s a great outlet mall in Hanover, MD, only about 30-40 minutes from DC (it also is across the way from the Maryland Live! Casino which is pretty fun, too!). I saw a lot of things I wanted to buy but budget-wise I’m just not ready to do my fall shopping.I did however need a new black cardigan and I could always use a new dress! I stopped by Old Navy because they were really pushing their sales this weekend ($19 jeans are my fav) and I happened to find a great option and only spent about $33 total for two pieces!

I scored this very nice, flattering ponte-knit shift dress in dark gray for $17 (hey lucky for you it’s only $11 online!):

The material is very thick so it is a perfect dress to transition from a cold office to a nice fall day! I’m considering ordering the other colors (salmon, turquoise, black) online as well because I really like the way it fits and I can easily make it as dressy or casual as I want. I can’t even decide which bright, bold necklace I’ll pair with this dress yet–options=limitless.

Picture 1


I also picked up a black cardi because I wear them all the time in the office over my sleeveless dresses, etc. and they were on sale for $17 at the outlet store. Online they are $25 but if you use code CHOOSE20 you will get 20% off your entire order and ON always has free shipping over $50.

Picture 2I only spent a little bit but it was exciting to buy my first pieces for fall–and at such an amazing deal! If I didn’t have two pairs of jeans in my closet with tags on them still I probably would have went for the $19 jeans sale as well. I’m almost a tad bit excited to start going through my clothes to make a donate pile so I can start adding some new pieces to my tiny, tiny closet!

I should also mention, ON also has their Super Cash promotion going on so if you have some shopping to do, I’d head in now! I do like getting basics here like tees, tanks and workout clothes. Sometimes, you luck out with a cute dress, too! Here’s how the Super Cash works:

Picture 4


Then you can bring in your certificate for the amount you earned off your next purchase (dates will be on the coupon).

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope to post more this month and share some good deals with you, too! XOXO Jen


July 4th Sales!

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Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July! Hopefully you are all off from work today and have the day to relax and do whatever you like. One of my favorite things to do is take advantage of all of the sales over the holiday. Here are a few good ones happening today/this weekend, along with some of my fav July 4th picks:


Striped romper, on sale for $26.94

Striped romper, on sale for $26.94

$20 off $60, $40 off $120 or $80 off $240 with promo code 9238 (also available in store)

Shorts and sandals are 50% off and they have a good selection of dresses that are 40% off.

New York & Company



Marble Bead Bid Necklace, on sale for $7.99 from $26.95

Marble Bead Bib Necklace, on sale for $7.99 from $26.95

Picture 15


Crate & Barrel

Picture 17

Patriotic String Lights, on sale for $20.37 from $34.95

Patriotic String Lights, on sale for $20.37 from $34.95

Bath & Body Works

Picture 20

LoftPicture 21

Sprinkle Dot Cami Dress, $19.80 on sale

Sprinkle Dot Cami Dress, $19.80 on sale

Victoria’s Secret

Picture 24

These are some of my favorite sales going on today! Hope you get to do a little shopping in between the BBQs, fireworks and family time! As always, thanks for stopping by and come back again soon! XOXO Jen


Pop-Up Shop Alert! Dresses in Georgetown!

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Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! It’s such a gorgeous day outside and would be a good time to head down to Georgetown to check out the Project Gravitas pop-up shop at the Four Seasons Hotel from 11am-7pm. Project Gravitas is a dress line made in NYC and normally sold exclusively online, so this is an amazing opportunity to try on a dress before you make a purchase. It seems like most women wear a size up  from their normal size so save yourself some shipping costs and go try on a few! You can even get fit by their team or chat with founder Lisa Sun while you’re there. Another great thing about this is that 10% of all “Diana Dress” purchases will be donated to The Washington Ballet (PG chooses a new charity and dress each month). Here’s a great bonus: each dress has a sewn-in body shaper so there’s no need to worry about looking anything but flawless!

The Diana Dress, $395

The Diana Dress, $395

The Ginger Dress, $450

The Ginger Dress, $450 (my favorite!)

The Indira Dress, $295

The Indira Dress, $295

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and happy shopping!  XOXO Jen





My New Favorite Workout Gear

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Hey all! Happy hump day! After all the delicious food I had this weekend I thought I should post something about some of the new workout gear I’ve fallen for. It is almost summer after all and it’s important to keep a healthy balance in life! Whenever I go clothes shopping and don’t like the way something fits me, I opt to buy new workout gear to motivate me to work harder! There’s been a lot of that going on lately…haha!

Two years ago I bought a pair of running tights from Old Navy that fit like a glove, were thick and had a higher waist so they were also very flattering. They were around $30 or $40 which is a great deal compared to most brands and prices. I’m an hourglass or pear shape–meaning my waist is small and I have hips–so I look best in clothes that cinch my waist a bit to play up my better qualities. However I haven’t been able to find a pair of running tights I like as much or ones that have a higher waist until I came across the Sculpt line at the Nike store.

Nike Scuplt Capris

Nike Scuplt Capris

If you’re like me, you’ll understand why a high waist is important. First of all, if you have that little pooch many of us women have (especially after the winter months), it keeps it all feeling tight so when you’re working out you won’t feel self-conscious. For me, I love exercising but when I’m not in as great of shape as I like I want to make sure I look and feel good so I don’t rush through my workout because I feel “fat.” Women have so many body issues, myself included, and there’s no shame in wearing something to make you feel better about yourself. So, yes, these Nike pants are $100 but until I can start my own line or Old Navy makes more of their high-waisted running tights for less, I am going to have to just go for it and put the money out. The end result for me will be a longer, harder workout and I think that’s worth it! Another bonus to these pants, too, is that there are no unattractive rolls when you are doing your sit-ups! Get it, girls!

Picture 6

Old Navy Active Knotted Racerback Tank

Picture 7

Old Navy Active Knotted Racerback Tank

I have however, found some fun tops at Old Navy that are in my new rotation at the gym. My favorite tanks are the semi-fitted because I don’t like to feel like I’m being suffocated by my clothing while I’m working out. Their Knotted Tanks are awesome–they are incredibly light, long and hang just below the hip, are slightly see-through and dry fast. I despise tanks that are too short because, again, it just doesn’t work with my shape! These tops are only $16.94/each and are such a great deal! I’d also like to point out that Old Navy is the same company as Gap, Banana Republic and  Athleta and the quality is just as good–don’t get sucked in by marketing and feel like you’re getting a less-superior product because it’s cheaper than some other brands! BTW–if you use the code ONSAVENOW you can save an additional 15-25% off!

Old Navy Bubble Tank

Old Navy Bubble Tank

Another top I like from Old Navy is the Bubble Tank ($14.94/each). It’s 100% polyester but it’s so soft and I like the tie on the side–it gives it a little bit of flair! Again, I love the price on this tank and I feel good wearing it!

I was at the Under Armour store the other day and picked up two of the women’s UA Achieve T-Back Tanks. They are slightly more than the ON racerback tanks but they have a lot of colors available and they were on sale so I went for it. They are $24.99/each regularly. These tanks are long enough to hit slightly past my hips (I’m 5’8 btw in case you were wondering) and are extremely light and cool. I will prob wear these when I’m not working out, too!

Picture 10

UA Achieve T-Back Tank

Picture 9

UA Achieve T-Back Tank

Last but not least–my new fav sports bra! This purchase came about because of a sale, like most of my purchases, but now I’m in love and I’m not sure if I can ever go back to my old brand. The Incredible by Victoria’s Secret has it all–style, more than 20 different colors and patterns, full support, shaping (eh, hem all you athletic girls know what I’m talking about), wicking, racerback design, and is completely flattering. I don’t even mind that it’s visible from some of my semi-see through tanks I’ve purchased because it just adds to the whole look! These bras are a little pricey at $49-$59/each but you know how Vicki’s is–when they have a sale, it’s amazing! I would recommend going out and grabbing one of these as soon as possible! You will feel amazing while working out and the girls won’t give you any problems!

Picture 13

The Incredible, Victoria’s Secret

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s post! XOXO Jen



LUSH: Memorial Day Shopping!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day! I enjoyed my three-day weekend and had a nice mix of work and play! Saturday I went to a winery with a friend, Sunday I did sound and lighting for a wedding in Old Town, Alexandria, and yesterday I wandered around Georgetown and did some shopping. I went into LUSH because I was in desperate need of a good, refreshing shower gel and an amazing foot scrub–daily sandal appearances and the DC humidity make these two additions a complete necessity at this time of year! I also like shopping at LUSH because they use natural ingredients, make everything by hand and do not test on animals.

Picture 1The first product I settled on after playing with a ton of items in the store (so much fun!) was their dirty springwash shower gel ($9.95-$28.95). It’s a mixture of spearmint, menthol, glycerin and sea salt and has a tingling, cooling property and leaves your skin really soft. Essentially, it is amazingly refreshing! Yeah, it’s technically for guys but girls use it, too and the scent isn’t so strong that when you get out of the shower you still smell like mint. Plus, my signature scent (Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace) always overpowers any lingering shower gel scent! I bought the small bottle to make sure I liked it once I got home but I will definitely return to get a larger bottle soon!

Picture 2

The next product I had to get was the stepping stone ($4.50). I’ve purchased this in the past and I completely forgot how much I love it! First of all, it smells soooooooo good and has hints of lemon and lime plus a mixture of pumice stone, sea salt and a deodorizing foot powder called lycopodium. All you need to do is break off a small piece (it crumbles easily) and mix it with water in your hand then apply it to your feet–they will come out smooth and smelling great!

As always, thanks for stopping by! BTW, come say hi on Pinterest, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @afreshcoat! XOXO Jen

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