An Open Door to Design: Cartagena, Colombia

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Hi everyone! Recently, I was lucky enough to travel to Cartagena, Colombia to attend their Bridal Week which was hosted by the Sofitel Santa Clara. The event was wonderful, the hotel was gorgeous but the city was more than I could have ever imagined! If it wasn’t for the humidity I might have almost forgotten to breathe as I snapped away with my camera lens trying to capture all of the inspiration I could. Everywhere I looked around me was a vignette I couldn’t live without documenting (I am that person on a trip–always with my camera out!). The small cobblestone streets, the colonial architecture complete with balconies filled to the brim with bright pink and purple flowers that overflow from the second story windows, the sidewalks barely large enough for two to walk side-by-side which forces a closeness amongst the people, the mini taxis buzzing around the streets and the double doors that are painted beautiful hues with lines and textures that only weather and time can help create…Cartagena is a magical place! Most of the magic for me, however, was in the doors and the door-knockers. I was mesmerized by the ironwork and colors and just couldn’t get enough. Here are some of my favorites:












SONY DSCDSC02080DSC02105DSC02166SONY DSCIMG_7457IMG_7440IMG_7462DSC02253As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them and sharing them with you. Please come back to read more info about my experience in Cartagena! XOXO Jen


A Little Love in the Sculpture Garden

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I’m a Philly girl at heart and one of my favorite places to go when I lived there was Love Park.  It was on my walk to/from work and there was something magical about passing by the Love statue and the beautiful water fountain that reminded me Philly is the City of Brotherly Love. Well, now I can get my Love fix at the Sculpture Garden! Robert Indiana, the same man that created the Love image back in the ’60’s recently built the Amor sculpture (2006) and it’s at the Sculpture Garden! It was gifted to the National Gallery of Art  in May 2012 by Simon and Gillian Salama-Caro in memory of Ruth Klausnerred. I can’t wait to go check it out…and maybe sneak a kiss in front of it for good measure!

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! If you snap any photos in front of the Amor statue, feel free to send them my way and I will post ( XO


I Spy! Let’s Chat About A Totally Awesome Mirror In The Hotel Monaco

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photo courtesy of Hotel Monaco

I was perusing around the other day and spotted this really cool puzzle piece mirror in the lobby at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC.  I had to know more about it, so I contacted Kimpton Hotels (which the Monaco is a part of) and got the skinny. The mirror was custom made by Derapage Design in San Francisco and was designed in collaboration with the designer of the hotel’s décor, Cheryl Rowley Design. It has 24K gold edging, is 36 1/2″ high and 42 1/2″ wide
and is lightly aged (and did I mention, awesome?!). I also learned that you used to be able to purchase one just like it on the Kimpton Style website for around $5,000 but unfortunately it is no longer available. If you want this baby for your great room, you’ll have to get it custom made! I thought it was so different and coupled with the bright green walls, red couches and black and white curtains it was so wrong to me it seemed right (if that makes any sense at all to you)!

photo courtesy of Hotel Monaco

What do you guys think of this mirror? What about the design of the lobby here? Overall, I really like the design of this hotel and it’s in such a great location you have to stop in. If you’re not up for a stay, at least walk around a little and then get a cocktail at Poste Modern Brasserie outside on the patio while it’s still nice out! They have homemade ice cream sandwiches, so that’s enough right there for me.

If you have any favorite hotels I’d love to hear about them! As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and please come back again! xo


Society 6: The Hippest Prints Around

August 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

In my on-going search for cool artwork and iPhone cases, I stumbled across Society 6. It’s an online shop where artists from around the world sell their designs and you can order most of them as a print, iPhone case, laptop skin, T-shirt or Hoodie.  Of course, I found a photograph of trees (if you’re a new reader, then you probably don’t know I’m obsessed with trees and anything design-related about them) and as soon as I get my the iPhone 5 (if it EVER comes out) I def want this case by Chernobyl Bob for $35:

Valentina Ramos has a bunch of interesting prints like this one, called “Aaron” (around $18 for an 8×10):

I also really liked her print called “Octopus Bloom” (around $18 for an 8×10):

I wanted to share this site with you because I think the prices are very reasonable and they have a lot of original designs to choose from. They also had an interesting selection of photography and for some reason I was drawn to a series of underwater images by Heather Landis, like the below called “Abyss of the Disheartened VII“:

I’d love to hear what you think about this site as well! Do you have any favorite sites you get artwork from?

As always, thanks for reading and please come back again soon! xo



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