Beauty in a Beat! New Mobile Beauty Service in DC!

May 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

Recently I came across a brand new company called Beauty in a Beat and it couldn’t have been at a better time! They are a brand-spanking new mobile beauty company that serves the DC region and I couldn’t love them more!

Somehow I left my hair and makeup for the Big Day as almost an afterthought-I didn’t think it would be too hard to get a stylist and makeup artist to come to my hotel to get ready the day-of. Turns out, it was much more challenging than I thought! I spoke to a few freelance makeup artists I found on Instagram or through friends and I found our interactions to be disappointing and rather unprofessional due to their response times!  Also, the rates and minimum amounts they were charging seemed to be a little excessive in my eyes. My bridal party is renting their dresses from Rent the Runway and many are traveling from out of state so I’m trying very hard to keep their costs down. Asking them to pony up a large sum of money for hair and makeup seemed insensitive to me and unfortunately it’s not in my budget to pay for all of them (paying for a DC wedding by yourself is expensive!). Plus they are all pretty stylish ladies anyway so I’m not concerned!

That being said when my own hairstylist told me she couldn’t come to do my hair for my wedding date I was extremely bummed and then magically I received a press release and invite to try out Beauty in a Beat! After doing some research it seemed to me that a service like this is essentially non-existent and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Owner and creator Heather Coote decided to ditch her corporate job and jump into the world of beauty after she realized this was a service the busy women of DC need! She partnered with top beauty experts in the area (and some talented developers) and came up with a team of stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians you can schedule with the touch of a button from their handy app. It’s so simple to sign up, too. All you need to do is enter your email, create a password and schedule the appointment. Once you select your service and stylist you have the option to chat with your stylist via the app prior to the appointment. You can share ideas with your pro so they can come prepped to make you gorgeous for your special day-or night. Services are available from 5am-11pm so whether you have a morning wedding or a hot date in the evening, they’ve got you covered. Their prices are extremely reasonable as well, which is another bonus! You can have someone come to your house and blow out your hair for $50! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed my hair and thought if I could call someone to come blow out this mane my life would be so much easier! You can pay via your credit card through the app but keep in mind at this time tips are cash-only so make sure you have some handy.

I plan on using this service for my wedding–and if you’re interested in doing something like this as well you can email them at and they can work with you to make sure you have the glam squad you require for your big day.

I hope you all check out this service for yourself so you can see how awesome it truly is! I wish the best for this new company and I’m so excited to become a loyal customer! Thanks to BIAB for hosting this amazing! I’m looking forward to my Big Day with BIAB!

As always, thanks for stopping by A Fresh Coat! XOXO Jen

The after pic: my wedding hair trial with the talented Shamika! Loved this soft, gorgeous up-do!

A little angle shot

I have a LOT of hair. Shamika managed to get it all in this awesome, loose braid but keep it off my neck so quickly! Her skills were impressive–she didn’t even complain about how thick my hair is (my top pet peeve when working with a new stylist!). LOVE. THIS.

Heather, left and Shamika, right

The day wouldn’t be complete without a selfie! Had such a fun time with these ladies–they made me feel like a million bucks!

The ever glamorous founder of Beauty in a Beat, Heather Coote, left and me all glammed up, right.

When I left the Hay Adams I stopped to take so many selfies in front of the White House tourists were looking at me like I was crazy. Whatever, I had a blast and felt great! Shamika took down my hair and left me with these dreamy curls for my date night with my fiance!

If you’re gonna do it, do it right! Amazing location to host an event–thanks BIAB!

The process…

Heather gave me a great demo of the app on her iPad. It’s so easy to use ladies!

Loved the informative handouts and gorgeous floral display, filled with my favs-roses and hydrangeas

A little wedding inspiration? Yes!

Gorgeous suite at the Hay Adams Hotel

Keena had me camera ready in about 45 minutes–I was super impressed with her arsenol of makeup and tools she came ready with!

A selfie after all her hard work was done!

We don’t just wake up like this!

The “before” (ok, she had done my eyebrows at this point–I’ll let you check out BIAB’s site if you really want to see me sans all kinds of makeup!)

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