Vintage Liquor IDs for the Wedding!

February 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


T (the fiance) and I are throwing our own wedding (go us!) so I’m all about budget-savvy finds. I always imagined having a vintage-inspired men’s bar area with liquor in gorgeous glass bottles, a cigar station and basically a little nook the men could call their own (signature pink drinks at the bar for the girls?!). I spotted these adorable Whisky, Vodka and Scotch ID labels at Marshall’s on the clearance shelf the other day and for $4 I knew I had to have them. They were an insta-perfect match with my men’s bar nook idea! I love the idea of having a neat treat like this for our guests after dinner (of course, any ladies that want to partake in the liquor and cigars can as well!).

Love this Cigar Bar sign from Etsy

Love this Cigar Bar sign from Etsy

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 10.26.04 AM

Bottle Inspiration

I also found this mirrored tray at Target in their clearance isle for $12. No lie! I love mirrored trays but I never found one I loved enough to drop the cash on but for 12 bucks I have a potential tray for the wedding and something I love on my coffee table in my house!

My awesome Target find!

My awesome Target find!

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