Where have you been?!

January 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone! So, there has been a lot going on the past few months which is why I haven’t quite been, er, present on the blog! I got into a minor car accident on the very first day of my new job and got a nasty case of whiplash. New job=crazy amounts of stress + whiplash=unhappy Jen who can’t work out and has no time for anything else! Then something great happened-I decided to use my “free time” to study and get my PMP (project management professional) certification (like gold in the government contracting world of DC). I wasn’t happy at the new job for various reasons but I figured the best thing to do would be to improve upon myself and at least check a goal off the list! So on Dec. 17, 2014 I passed my four hour long exam and got my shiny new PMP certification. Since then I’ve decided to do my best at my job and just see if this new certification helps! I also negotiated with my company to allow me to work in DC a few days a week because I really hate this commute from the city out to Tyson’s corner (I think getting rear-ended and suffering through PT is a good indicator as to how much it sucks). Traffic in DC is no joke-and yes, there is still a ton of traffic even though I’m going against the flow!!

So once the job started getting better I started working out again which has helped me get back to normal! Going from working out 5 days a week to a mere light exercise at PT a few days a week really threw me off, not to mention I managed to gain some weight.

When Christmas break came around I was so overjoyed to take a few days and spend time with my family. I was also excited because my boyfriend was coming to New Jersey to spend my birthday (Christmas Eve) and Christmas with my family! Everything felt like it was getting better and I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Then something wonderful happened–my boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Day!! It was beautiful and he did it in front of my whole family which was pretty special. I think I was so shocked at what was happening I didn’t even answer him-it took my mom yelling, “So what’s your answer?” before I even replied (I said yes of course!).

So now I’m engaged in DC and have once again found something to inspire me and write about! If you start to see more and more wedding content in the blog that’s why! So if you’re reading this-happy new year and let’s start 2015 off right!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Xoxo Jen







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