New World Market at BB&B: Matcha Ginger Latte

June 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Picture 2

World Market gold kili Matcha Ginger Latte, $7.99


Ever since I got my NutraBullet around the holidays I have become obsessed with making smoothies! I started reading about different types of additives to make my smoothies more filling and healthier, like chia and flax seeds, and then I read about matcha (or maccha) powder. I’ve been hearing about the benefits of green tea for years-it’s an energy and metabolism booster  and cancer fighter on top of being tasty–and when I learned it came in a powder form, I was intrigued.

Matcha powder is made by grinding the entire green tea leaf which makes it more potent and therefore more beneficial than simply drinking the water that had the leaves in it. This prep also allows you to take in fiber, which is always a bonus! According to various online sources, you would need to drink ten cups of green tea to match the benefits you get from drinking one serving of matcha powder. There seems to be a lot of internet arguing going on as to the type of matcha powder one should consume but I think it’s safe to infer the most organic one with the least amount of additives would be the best one to try (your best bet would be to order it online).

I wasn’t able to find the powder at my usual grocery store stops (Giant or Safeway didn’t carry it and Trader Joe’s was out of their version) but I did happen to see the above delicious-looking ginger smoothie version at the new World Market at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Chinatown the other day. At $7.99 I decided it was worth a try since there are ten servings and it has ginger in it which is great for keeping your stomach calm. I was a little nervous the powder would be too strong for me because sometimes green tea makes me feel sick but it wasn’t at all! I mixed it with part almond milk, water and about five ice cubes in my NutraBullet and I had an amazing, light smoothie for breakfast! Next time I head to TJ’s I am going to check out their brand, especially since it’s $3.99 for 12 servings! I have felt very focused and satisfied today, so I’m curious to see how I will feel after a week of drinking these lattes!

Have you ever tried matcha? What do you think about this little green gem?

Picture 3

Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Latte, $3.99

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome, energetic day! XOXO Jen


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