A Little Fun in the Kitchen from Tweak!

April 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

I recently came across a cute little gift shop called Tweak and fell in love with some of their items (can I gift myself?)! I’m a huge kid at heart and I love fun, silly elements that aren’t too serious like these  Dish Play Dish Gloves, $12.99.

Dish Play Rubber Gloves

Dish Play Rubber Gloves

The Boom Box cutting board, or rather “worktop saver” as they dub it, $34.99, also caught my attention–it reminded me of my friend’s rock ‘n’ roll kitchen that we decorated with old records and other music paraphernalia everywhere–this would have been a perfect addition!

Boom Box Worktop Saver

Boom Box Worktop Saver

And last but not least, who doesn’t want a nice set of gold Glitter Salad Servers, $39.99?! These are awesome and I want all of my salads to be as much fun as these are!

Glitter Salad Servers

Glitter Salad Servers

A cool little bonus is that all of these gifts come pre-wrapped so you can ship them right to your desired giftee! Def check out Tweak if you get a chance! Happy shopping!

As always, thanks for checking out A Fresh Coat! XOXO Jen


§ One Response to A Little Fun in the Kitchen from Tweak!

  • Anna says:

    OMG I totally want that cutting board! I googled to see if it looks as good in person and saw that kohl’s has it for cheaper. But I’m on the fence because it’s still not clear to me if it’s a genuine cutting board though? Seems the description is vague and I think glass could easily break in my kitchen, I’m pretty rough with my cutting board.

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