Getting Crafty at West Elm Georgetown!

November 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Last night I went to the West Elm store in Georgetown to attend their holiday wreath event. Meg, their super awesome and crafty store manager led the event and greeted everyone as we walked in the door. The tables were set up with all the supplies we needed and we had our very own instructor who showed us how to make the wreaths.

First, we outlined the black paper banner with chalk and wrote our holiday message in the middle (we were all really indecisive and probably pondered our message for like 20 minutes, then practiced our handwriting on the paper place mats on the table lol). Then we placed the banner in the wire wreath frame and started pulling apart branches to add to our wreaths. The staff at West Elm was really helpful and at one point their GM came over and started cutting wires for our table because he could see we needed a little assistance! In order to secure the branches, we wrapped green pieces of craft wire around them and to the base. At first this seemed super easy but after about 40 minutes everyone at our table started getting a little tired and dropped our perfectionist ways to get the job done! I will say the Christmas music helped everyone stay in the mood. It was fun meeting the girls at the table and everyone was sharing holiday memories which was nice. Everyone did such a great job and after about an hour we all finished. Some of the girls purchased accessories to add to their wreaths like little bottle brush animal ornaments or red or white garland.

All of the wreaths came out beautiful and now I’m looking forward to my next crafty project! A little hint that Meg shared with us: this may become a monthly thing at their store and maybe, just maybe, in December they will have an event that involves making candle holders out of cinnamon sticks.
What kinds of crafts are you making for the holidays? Are there any DIY’s you’re interested in learning? I want to start posting some more items like this so let me know what you think. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading A Fresh Coat. XOXO Jen

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Spotted this little setup and fell in love with the Parsons clock with bone inlay in the herringbone pattern, $99



Our craft table


I love non-traditional trees! Look at those butterflies! Pretty!


Hello, new favorite coffee table! The rustic wood is gorgeous! (Emmerson table, $499)


Another glimpse of our craftiness in progress!


My next project is definitely going to be a DIY on those burlap trees! They are so easy to make and come out super cute!


The whole store was decorated for the holidays and a good amount of people came to partake in the festivities! Christmas music was a plus!


My friend Lia was loving these bottles!


All the wire cutting was making me think about the movie Baby Jane and the line that says “No more wire hangers!” lol


I was making progress!


Had such a fun time with these girls and their wreaths all came out great! From the left: Kim, Chrissy, Alisa, and Lia


The finished product!


I hung up my wreath as soon as I got home!


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