Beach Chic!

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Interior Design by Kim Dempster and Erin Martin; Photograph by Alec Hemer

The current issue of House Beautiful has an awesome “chic little beach house” designed by Kim Dempster and Erin Martin that I fell in love with! I think it’s funny how they say 1, 650 square feet is small but I guess when you’re used to large homes, it is! What I loved most about this house was how the designers managed to make a beach-themed decor look amazingly un-cheesy! Every time I rent a beach house it’s full of flip-flop and shell- themed items and is plagued by ugly colors (granted, this may also be due to my budget) such as seafoam green. My favorite part about this house, though, is the coffee table that was made from an old nautical chain. It’s such a great idea and gives the room a touch of roughness without taking away from the elegance of the French furniture. It got me wondering–where can I find some beach-themed decor without going overboard?

When I think of the beach, I think of the the soothing natural colors that come from the ocean and the sand. I like to stick to blues, creams, whites and the like. Here are a few of my favorite items I would use to design a beach retreat that’s easy on the eyes:

1. Whale Shark, Z Gallerie, $140

Whale Shark, Z Gallerie

2. Ocean Wall Hooks, Grandin Road, $29

Rope Wall Hook, Grandin Road

3. Seagrass Mirror, Kenroy Home/Lighting Direct, $207

Seagrass Mirror, Kenroy Home

4. Shell Vase Filler, Pottery Barn, $12.99 (on sale)

Shell Vase Filler, Pottery Barn

5. Thomas Paul Seafarer Shipped Pillow, $78 or the Crab Flax Pillow, $88; both available at Design Public

Thomas Paul Seafarer Shipped Pillow, Design Public

Thomas Paul Crab Flax Pillow, Design Public

What is your dream beach house decor? Are you a fan of bright colors or do you like a more natural theme? I’d love to know–and if you have pictures, remember sharing is caring 🙂  As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and I hope to see you soon! XOXO


Love on the Brain!

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courtesy of Avanessi

One of my closest friends is getting married this weekend in Philadelphia and it has us thinking a lot about love at A Fresh Coat! That’s why when we saw the Love collection from Avanessi we just had to share it with you!

Two of my favorite pieces are the Love yellow ring, $350, above, and the Love pendants, below, from $390-$1450. We’ve spotted these types of necklaces on celebs recently (Teresa Guidice, anyone?) and have to admit, we sort of want to jump on the bandwagon with this one.

We hope you like the collection and tell us what you think in the comments! Also, show A Fresh Coat a little “love” on Facebook and Twitter, too, when you get a chance. XOXO

courtesy of Avanessi

Bang! A Killer Gift for Dad!

June 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

photo courtesy of Tweak

photo courtesy of Tweak

photo courtesy of Tweak

Well, as we all know Father’s Day is coming up and if your dad is like mine, he’s hard to shop for. My dad is a simple jeans and T-shirt kind of guy who doesn’t really have much interest in material things. He gets excited about a good meal or a cool tractor or lift (he’s an electrician and lives in the country) but there’s no way I’m buying him a tractor, and taking my dad (or my family) out to dinner is not an option. My parents think it’s a waste of money to eat out so whenever the whole family gets together they insist on cooking or BBQing, especially in the summer. My dad is a HUGE jokester, however, and loves a good gag or interesting gadget and when I saw the Bang lamp from Tweak I instantly thought of him.

I remember one day my dad brought home a fake mouse and came to me with some fishing wire and a plan–play a joke on mom. While my mom was in the laundry room we tied the fishing wire around the tail, placed the plastic mouse by the door, ran into the other room and waited for my unsuspecting mother to come through. When she finally did my dad and I pulled the wire and let it rip!! Oh, the screams that came out of my mom’s mouth were priceless. When she heard us cracking up she knew we had gotten her and then made us fold the laundry she had dropped all over the floor. Good times haha!

The Bang lamp was designed with this same sort of playful spirit in mind. It’s a desk lamp that comes with a gun-shaped remote that’s used to turn the light on and off. When you “shoot” it off the lampshade knocks on its side and the light goes out. Super cool desk lamp, if I do say so myself!

Go ahead and check out the Bang lamp here. I’ll warn you, though, it is a little pricey for a desk lamp but for the dad who has everything it might be worth the splurge ($325)! Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading. Please visit our Facebook page and give us a “Like” when you get a chance. We’ve also joined the Pinterest craze and you can check us out here. XOXO

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