TJ Maxx Lands in the District!

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tuesday was a great day for DC fashionistas, as it marked the opening of the brand new TJ Maxx downtown (which is conveniently located across the street from Metro Center). Ever since I first noticed the sign a few months ago I’ve been awaiting its arrival! I love name brands but more than anything, I love getting them at reduced prices. One of my rules of shopping is to never pay full price, so I don’t! TJ Maxx is a great way to find amazing treasures at almost half the price you’d find in department stores (case in point: I once got a Calvin Klein dress for more than half off at the Maxx–and it was still for sale at Macy’s at the same time!).
So, as I expected the store is not as roomy as I usually like, especially
since shopping at the Maxx often involves a little digging. The layout when you walk in is strange because there is a staircase that takes up most of the left side of the room and a cash register in the back-right of the space. The remaining space is a little tight, especially with the foot traffic from the stairs and the line for the register, but it is filled with a ton of beautiful bags! It was a little uncomfortable browsing but everything was in perfect order, despite the crowd of women squeezing into the small nooks and crannies to check out their huge selection of Michael Kors bags. There was a ton of staff on hand keeping things clean which made my experience better than if they would have let all their new customers take over!
Once I made my way downstairs, I saw the other registers and the rest of the store. They had a nice selection of shampoos, soap and colognes and while their women’s dresses section looked amazing I didn’t quite have the patience to fight the crowd (all I could think was that this store would be so much better in the Forever 21 space!). I made my way to the home section in the back corner of the store. It was a little underwhelming but they had a nice selection of pet items, dishes and bedding. However, they didn’t have any rugs which was the one thing I really wanted to check out! I appreciated their displays on the end caps, as they highlighted what you could find in the section and they all had a color theme. I managed to find an adorable set of placemats for $9.99 and an amber vanilla candle that smelled so soothing for $6.99.
Overall, my first experience was good and I’m excited to go back once the new excitement over the store calms down a bit! I do hope they keep all of their staff on hand though because if that store gets too messy it will be a nightmare to find anything! If you check it out, let me know what you think!!
As always, thanks for reading and have a great day! Xo











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