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Hello A Fresh Coat readers! Recently, I made a trip back to the city I used to call home (New York!)  and was able to reconnect with a wonderful friend! We opted to stay in one night and I came to the realization that I missed drinking out of a straw from home! There’s something about it that makes you feel like you’re out and somehow makes your drink more fun. For those of you that love a good, classic plastic straw why not step it up and grab one out of a cool retro dispenser like this one from for $12.95.


Tablecraft Glass Straw Dispenser,

If you want to be eco-friendly, try a set of re-usable  glass cocktail straws, available at for $28.99. They come with a cleaning brush and if you’re out of wine charms, this is a great way to keep track of your beverage the next time you throw a party!

Glass cocktail straws by

Crate & Barrel has a double-duty spoon straw that lets you sip and stir–perfect for a cocktail or some fresh tea, $1.95. This is also re-usable, so go ahead and get a couple…wash and repeat!

Spoon Straw, C&B

Another eco-friendly option is a bamboo straw.–they look amazing and come in a set of 12 for $7.50 at

bamboo straws,

If you’re looking for a nice pop of color, head over to shabbygirl2’s shop on Etsy–you can grab a set of 40 bright paper straws for only $6.99.

paper straws from shabbygirl2's shop on

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  • Bridget says:

    Love ’em, too! . . . Even better . . . those pretty yellow and red striped straws you can pick up — for free — at McDonald’s!

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