DIY Wishbone Napkin Charms

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I re-subscribed to Martha Stewart Living after taking a break from having too many magazine subscriptions. Apparently, after two years of sobriety I’m back on the wagon and now have a slew of reading material coming in on a monthly and weekly basis! I can’t lie, getting a magazine in the mail is one of the most wonderful experiences for me. I can see it right away because its big dog-eared corners are usually sticking out of the mailbox (thanks, Mr. Mailman) and I know it’s going to bring me joy, rather than the trauma that my student loan bill brings (haha).

OK, now that my soliloquy on magazines is over I wanted to share this fantastic idea that was in the November issue of MSL: DIY wishbone napkin charms. Martha (/her staff) got them from an online store called Delightful Heart, however her coverage of them must have caused the big “sell-out” to happen:

I would recommend going to any craft store and looking in their scrapbooking section–there are always tons of trinkets and I’d bet you would be able to find something with a Thanksgiving theme. If you want to do an express order, you might be able to wrangle up a few silver charms from Precious Accents for $13/each. Once you locate the perfect charm, all you need is some ribbon or string, then tie the charms to your napkins and just like that you will have an even prettier place setting than you had a few minutes before! Sometimes I think “why bother with all these little extra touches” but whenever I do something extra, it’s always the thing that people remember the most! Happy table-setting everyone! I can’t wait to eat some turkey!

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