Shower Curtain Hooks!

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a bit–this change in the weather made me come down with a super nasty cold and then I flew south to Miami to try and get some sunshine in! I’m back from Miami, slightly tan, happy and ready to share some cute finds with you today.

Last year I also went to Miami around this time and stayed at the Whitelaw Hotel where their hot pink and white decor inspired me to re-do my bathroom (this time I stayed at the Continental which was terrible). My walls were already white so I got a black and white shower curtain, hot pink accessories (rug, storage boxes) and went to town on my new Miami-inspired style bathroom (pictures to come later). Here’s a pic of the Whitelaw:

Whitelaw Hotel, Miami

I used clear shower curtain hooks I purchased from Marshall’s for around $7 but recently they have started to break so it’s time to find some new ones. I thought I’d show you some of the awesome finds that have me hooked! I’ll probably go with a classic clear or white but couldn’t help but show you what else I found!

These rings are ship-shape for any beachy/sailing-themed bathroom.

Sailing Hooks, $11.95

2. A Hoot

 These hooks come as part of a set and might be best for a kid’s bathroom but I won’t lie–I’d probably have this in a bathroom in my house if I had more than one!

Saturday Knight, Owls Collection, $8-$29

These rings are for the modern bathroom and add a great splash of color!

Blue Concentrate Neon Rings, $50 (by Kshop)

If you change out your shower curtains for the seasons, these would be a perfect addition for the cooler weather and colors!

Pinecone Lodge, $12.99

 5. Classic

These hooks are elegant and will go with any curtain!

Eclipse hooks, $19.99

As always, thanks so much for reading A Fresh Coat and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Also, please head over to facebook and “like” the new page when you get a chance! xoxo

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