Spooky Treats!

October 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Larriland Farms, MD

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I love Halloween and Autumn. The weather, the colors that come out in nature, the fall harvest and all the treats that come along with this time of the year. This past weekend I stopped by Larriland Farms in Maryland to pick some apples and go to the pumpkin patch (see above pic!). I got some delicious apple fritters (below), which I shared with friends and overall had a smashing good time! It inspired me to search for some party ideas and hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to pull out the stops and get some treats ready for my friends and co-workers.

apple fritters

Of course I had to check out some finds on one of my favorite sites, Etsy, and I came across Scrumpalicious. If you don’t feel like baking yourself, I bet something like Ogre Toe cookies would be a hit at any party! They’re $7 for a Witch’s dozen (10…10 fingers/toes…so clever!) and you need to order ahead of time to account for baking and delivery…so order away!

Photo by Scrumpalicious (visit their Etsy site, it's awesome!)

For my work potluck I was thinking about making a Zombie meatloaf…all you need is a gingerbread man cake pan, some almonds for fingers and creative use of ketchup and toothpicks! I found this pic at Kitty Cooks (lots of gluten free recipes, actually a pretty cool site I’m glad I came across it!).

Zombie Meatloaf

Target’s circular this past Sunday in the Washington Post had some cute baking items on sale. I found this cookie tray on their website for $14.99 and think you can probably come up with a lot of cool designs for these shapes! What can I say, I’m just a big kid at heart!

Target Non-Stick Cookie Pan

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now but if you have any party treat tips, I’d love to hear about them. As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! Please head over to my Facebook page and click “Like” if you get a chance! xoxo


Halloween Decorating–Great Sale Finds!

October 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

October is one of those months that gets me really excited because of the change to fall and all of the fun that comes with that! Today I just wanted to share some fun (and on-sale!) Halloween decorations with you from some of my favorite stores!

You can nab this scull (the crow is sold out right now) for $7.99 plus free shipping at West Elm:

These bone and teeth bottle openers are a scream, $8.99 West Elm!


Let your guests trick-or-treat at their favorite candy bowl in your house and collect their favorite goodies with these paper skeleton cones, $2.99, West Elm.

Metallic skeleton hands from Z Gallerie add a little edge to the scene, $9.99.

Add something spooky to your guests drinks with bone-shaped ice cubes, $9.95, Z Gallerie.

Let Frankenstein keep those scary wet glass rings from ruining your tables, $2.89, Z Gallerie.

Of course, Martha has some awesome chandelliers perfect for the occasion (available at Michael’s).

 Hopefully, this post might help you get started ordering online for your Halloween party! I love this time of year–I’m dressing up as Cleopatra and headed to the W Hotel party for the big day! This weekend, I’m headed to pick pumpkins and apples with some friends, too (I’ll be sure to post some pics!). As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and I hope you come back soon! Please give us a “like” on Facebook when you get a chance, too! xoxo



Shower Curtain Hooks!

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a bit–this change in the weather made me come down with a super nasty cold and then I flew south to Miami to try and get some sunshine in! I’m back from Miami, slightly tan, happy and ready to share some cute finds with you today.

Last year I also went to Miami around this time and stayed at the Whitelaw Hotel where their hot pink and white decor inspired me to re-do my bathroom (this time I stayed at the Continental which was terrible). My walls were already white so I got a black and white shower curtain, hot pink accessories (rug, storage boxes) and went to town on my new Miami-inspired style bathroom (pictures to come later). Here’s a pic of the Whitelaw:

Whitelaw Hotel, Miami

I used clear shower curtain hooks I purchased from Marshall’s for around $7 but recently they have started to break so it’s time to find some new ones. I thought I’d show you some of the awesome finds that have me hooked! I’ll probably go with a classic clear or white but couldn’t help but show you what else I found!

These rings are ship-shape for any beachy/sailing-themed bathroom.

Sailing Hooks, $11.95

2. A Hoot

 These hooks come as part of a set and might be best for a kid’s bathroom but I won’t lie–I’d probably have this in a bathroom in my house if I had more than one!

Saturday Knight, Owls Collection, $8-$29

These rings are for the modern bathroom and add a great splash of color!

Blue Concentrate Neon Rings, $50 (by Kshop)

If you change out your shower curtains for the seasons, these would be a perfect addition for the cooler weather and colors!

Pinecone Lodge, $12.99

 5. Classic

These hooks are elegant and will go with any curtain!

Eclipse hooks, $19.99

As always, thanks so much for reading A Fresh Coat and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Also, please head over to facebook and “like” the new page when you get a chance! xoxo

Fall Kitchen Style!

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you all had a good day back to work! The chilly weather this weekend made me think about updating my accessories for the cooler season and I think I found some fun items to share with you. I found a really great Harvest-Cut placemat (from Big Lots of all places) for $4 each! These colors look quite dreadful all together but I can just see the green placemats on a nice, deep brown wooden table for a modern, festive look.

Harvest-Cut Placemat, Big Lots, $4

Target has a nice kitchen set from DwellStudio for $19.99 that feels Fall-y (focus on the leaves, not the flowers!) but is in my favorite color scheme.

DwellStudio for Target, $19.99

World Market has a wonderful set of Vanita napkins that are full of Fall colors and have an awesome pattern, too: $16 for a set of 4.

Vanita napkins, World Market, $16 set of 4

These gorgeous Maple Leaf Napkin Rings ($4.95) from Pier 1 Imports would go so well with the Vanita napkins!

Maple Leaf Napkin Ring, Pier 1 Imports, $4.95

Crate & Barrel’s Bali dishtowel is only $4.95 and is a good representation of the transition from summer to Fall (a little on the bright side but still reminds me of falling leaves).

Bali dishtowel, Crate & Barrel, $4.95

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and I hope you come back soon! If you have any projects you’d like to share for possible publication or know of an amazing designer, shop or amazingly-decorated home, please let me know! You can email me at jenatafreshcoat@gmail.com! xoxo


Xfinity=Fail…But I’m Back! And So Is The Mini-Kitchen Makeover!

October 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hello! So sorry I didn’t get to post the rest of the kitchen pictures but my Xfinity internet decided to go out on me for the fourth time in one week. In the past couple of weeks I have turned my little apartment around and gave it a mini-facelift. I’ve lived here for a little over two years now and I really can’t rearrange furniture because of the layout so I decided to replace my desk (with a great antique find!), get some new curtains and paint my kitchen table that fits perfectly in my tiny space but was in desperate need of a facelift.

Now, I’m definitely all about sheer curtains in a kitchen and living space because I like as much light as possible, but now that the weather is getting chilly I wanted something that would keep the wind out of my very old house! I have gotten almost all of my curtains at this great shop in Vineland, NJ, called Marburn Curtain Warehouse. They have the best curtains at discount prices and the staff is always so helpful! One clerk saved me from buying the same curtains from two different dye lots one time (whew! driving back to NJ to return curtains is not high on my to-do list). I got an antique secretary desk from a woman in Falls Church, VA, on Craigslist for $25! I rushed out to her house, where she admitted she should have charged more because she didn’t know so many people would be interested in it. Luckily, I left my cell number with her, she called me, I rushed home from work and out to grab it before anyone else could! The desk is over 100 years old and belonged to her grandfather (the woman was in her late 50’s). Here’s the final setup:

New "office" with antique desk, closed

New "office" with desk open

Now, on to the kitchen table: I took the same steps with the table and chair as I did with the yard sale find chair in my last post (sand, base paint, sand, acrylic white semi-gloss paint). The table and chair took a bit more time because of all of the grooves in the legs and the fact that the table folds down on both sides. But I think the end result came out great and I only spent around $60 on paint and supplies (sandpaper, paintbrush).

Table Before

Table After

I still may put some sort of top coat on the table but I wanted to see how it did without anything for a couple of weeks first and if paint starts chipping, then I’ll add something! I had a lot of fun with these little projects and feel like I have a new side of my apartment! Thanks for checking out my post and again so sorry I’ve been “offline” (ok, I’m sure no one was really crying over this too much except me but I thought I’d extend my apologies anyhow!).

Please let me know what you think and if you have any projects you’ve been working on, I’d love to know about them. You can email me at jenatafreshcoat@gmail.com. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xoxo

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