Yard Sale Find, Take 2: The Chair Gets A Makeover!

September 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

the original yard sale find

A little while ago, I shared a post about an awesome chair I got at a yard sale for $5. I absolutely fell in love with the lines of the chair and knew I could give it a fresh coat of paint, a quick reupholster and breathe new life into it! It inspired me to makeover my kitchen table and the one lone chair that has survived since my parents gifted me the set when I moved after college. I knew I could buy a new table but mine fits so well in my tiny apartment I figured there was no reason to give it up, especially when it still serves its function just fine. Today I’m going to share the yard sale makeover with you but tomorrow I’ll reveal the complete new look!

Here’s what you need:


a base paint

an acrylic semi-gloss white paint

a paintbrush (I’d recommend a medium-priced brush–if you go too cheap you’ll see the lines in your finish)

a screwdriver



staple gun/staples

1. First, I unscrewed the seat cushion from the frame of the chair and set it aside.

2.Then, I sanded down every nook and cranny of the chair. I wanted to make sure the base coat would go on nice and smooth and completely cover the dark brown.

cushion removed, chair sanded

3. Next, I painted the base coat on the chair. After it dried I added another coat, just to be sure I got every spot.

base coat on

4. Once the paint dried, I sanded the chair again (lightly). Then I applied the acrylic white semi-gloss paint. I did two coats mostly because one I did with the chair face up and one I did with the chair face down. I have a very small space to work in so I had to be very patient when it came to painting!

5. Next, I got out my awesome faux leather fabric I scored from G Street Fabrics in the sale bin ($8.49/yard!), my scissors and staple gun/staples.

the seat and fabric ready to be united!

It only took me about 15 minutes to cover the chair…there were just a few crevices that proved to be slightly problematic but I managed to make it work!

reupholstering time!

6. Once the seat was covered, I placed it on the chair and screwed it back into place.

And just like that, my yard sale find looked like $100! I was very happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to share the rest of my new kitchen set with you tomorrow!



Happy Autumn! Aveda’s Jewels of the Earth Tones are Here

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment


Since today is the first day of autumn, I thought I’d introduce you to a new line of makeup out by Aveda called Jewels of the Earth. The collection is inspired by gemstones and includes six eye colors, a nourish mint sheer mineral lip color and two nourish mint smoothing lip colors. The line includes beautiful, bold colors as well as a tanzanite lip color that is not for the overly pale or non-experimental (it’s quite dark but I like it!).


My favorite color though is the Amethyst eye shadow because when I put on a light coat it looks almost sheer but if I wet it a little and add a few coats it comes out super-bold! Day-to-night, ladies! I was lucky enough to receive a sample to test out and if you think you might want to check out the colors yourself in person you can visit your local Aveda store or salon.


I hope you are all enjoying the first day of Autumn! Although it’s rainy in DC it is still going to be a good night. I plan on cracking open a bottle of wine, finishing up a painting project and seeing what’s new on Netflix. As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! xoxo

Fall is in the Air!

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I drove to my lovely home state of New Jersey (the above photo is of a farm on Route 40 in S. Jerz) this past weekend and saw the signs that Fall is a ‘comin–the leaves are just starting to have a hint of orange in them, the nights are getting cooler and wearing sandals isn’t as comfy as it was a month ago. Fear not, though, we still have some warm(ish) days ahead of us but I thought I’d share some fun fall-themed accessories with you today, anyway. Friday is officially the first day of Autumn but let’s celebrate a little bit early!

One of my favorite things about fall is all of the pumpkin-scented and flavored items that roll out. That first sip of a Starbucks pumpkin latte is always so good but I tend to get especially excited about pumpkin candles. I happened to stop in Kohl’s in Vineland, NJ, and found a great selection of candles by Sonoma, like the one below:

Sonoma life + style Pumpkin Harvest candle, $9.49

I really loved these pinecone salt and pepper shakers at West Elm:

West Elm Pinecone salt and pepper shakers, $18

White pumpkins are decorative and classy at the same time:

Pottery Barn candles, $24-$39

Have you started to decorate for fall yet? Do you? I’d love to hear about what types of accessories you like to pull out of the closet or run out to the store and get when the seasons change! As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and please come back soon! Also, just a quick announcement: we now have a Facebook page! Please visit and “like” it here.

DIY: Revamp Your Cabinets!

September 20, 2011 § 1 Comment



A Fresh Coat reader shared this wonderful interior cabinet makeover with me and I couldn’t help but post it immediately! All you need for this project is a little bit of patience, some paint, vinyl decal stickers and time! First, you’ll want to pick out your colors so you can coordinate your paint and stickers (Etsy is an amazing resource). Next,  paint the interior of your cabinets and leave plenty of time to dry (overnight is best). Then you can apply your decal but be careful and take your time to smooth out the stickers as you place them on the cabinet–our reader experienced bubbles even after a painstaking hour of app-time. In about a day you will have beautifully re-done cabinets that give you a pop of style every time you open them up to grab a dish! I think opening up these cabinets in the morning to grab a coffee mug would definitely put a smile on my face! The best part of this project is the wonderful quote our reader added that really sums up the way she feels about life: “Enjoy Life: It’s Delicious!”

Thanks so much for sending this project in to A Fresh Coat! I love when readers share their craftiness with us and I hope if you have an inspirational project, you’ll share it with us, too! As always, thanks for reading! xo

Stencil Time! How to Make Your Walls Look Amazing

September 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

Happy Friday, everyone! Just a quick announcement that today is the LAST DAY to enter the Lumene giveaway, so I hope you all have commented on the post (scroll down) to enter! You also get multiple entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, so please share with your friends!

OK, so back to what I wanted to write this post about: stencils. Ever since I moved to DC over two years ago, I’ve sort of strayed away from painting my white walls. I’ve tried to add pops of color with pillows, my throw rugs, etc. but the urge to paint has always been there! I just keep telling myself that I shouldn’t paint because I’m a renter and when I move, I’ll have to re-paint everything white. Well, I think now that I’ve discovered this amazing shop on Etsy, I’m going to say forget about it and just do it! Plus, I’ve been working on re-finishing/painting my yard sale find and it’s put me in the painting spirit!

Below are the two stencils that I’m sort of in love with right now from the Cutting Edge Stencils shop on Etsy. The first is the damask verde brocade stencil ($45), which the boyfriend agrees would be good for the living room:

image courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

And the second is the weeping cherry branches stencil ($42.95), from the same shop.

image courtesy of Cutting Edge Stencils

I’m torn between the two for my living room. The colors I want to do are a pale blue (almost tiffany blue but a little less “electric”) with a gold overlay. So, if I do the brocade damask, I’d paint the wall blue and paint the stencil gold…same thing for the branches I think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have any suggestions, that would be great!

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Style Network Comes to DC

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A Fresh Coat really, really likes companies that give back to the community and the Style network is doing just that this coming weekend in the DC area. They are launching their Fight With Style Campaign in an effort to raise awareness about skin cancer, a disease that effects one in five Americans. The campaign includes a Beauty Bus Tour that is traveling to 10 different cities nationwide to educate people about preventative measures and the different types of skin cancer that are out there. The beauty bus is equipped with a revel imager, which takes your picture and shows what sun damage you already have, and trained estheticians will then recommend a skin-care regime for you based on your results. If you head out to the bus, you can also receive makeup application services and mini-manicures, all complimentary (woo-hoo! education and free beauty treatments–what more could you want?!)!

Here are the details:

When: Sat., Sept. 17th from 11am-6pm and Sun., Sept. 18th from 12 noon to 5pm

Where: Westfield Montgomery Maill, 7101 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and please come back again soon! If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, you still have until Friday (check out the post about Lumene, below). xo


Love it or Hate It? The Chandelini

September 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

image courtesy of Touch Design

You guys all know that here at A Fresh Coat, we love a chandelier. However, I’m sort of perplexed by the Chandelini ($2,730) by Touch Design in Brooklyn.  For the next day and a half you can score the above light? artwork? on Fab.com here for $1,775, but I’m not sure that it’s worth it…? What do you guys think?! It might be a fun light for a martini bar, that’s for sure, but I’m not quite sure I’d stick this baby in my home. I’d love to hear what you think about this light!

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway that ends next Friday (see post below). xo

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