Take a Seat! Some Cool Chairs Out This Fall From Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

August 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Tobi Leather Wing Chair, MGBW

I love a chair. They seem to have so much more potential for character than a plain old sofa and are built just for one–the selfish girl inside me that doesn’t want to share a good relaxing moment loves this! When I took a look at the new Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Fall catalog I instantly fell in love with some of their chairs. The past few days it’s been a little cooler in the morning and evening (I even wore a sweater last night!) and it’s made me think about curling up next to my fireplace in my favorite leather chair. If I had more space in my tiny apartment, I’d probably have at least three–maybe even only chairs rather than a sofa because I love them that much haha!

The chair that I drooled over the most is above–the Tobi Leather Wing Chair. I like it because I can see it in a living room, an office or as an accent chair in a bedroom. It seems so versatile and with the right cozy area rug and throw it could have amazing book-reading-by-the-fire potential!

London Chair, MGBW

Another contender is the London Chair, above. It just screams, “Put me near a chandelier,” to me and you all know how I also love a chandelier! It’s curvy and classy and the legs give it an added touch of character. The Winslow Chair is another favorite, with a classic paisely pattern that pops, below.

Winslow Chair, MGBW

The Ryder Rocking Chair, below, is just plain cool. I would definitely want this in my library or nursery so I could rock the day away.

Ryder Rocking Chair, MGBW

And last but not least on my list of favs is the Gustave Leather Chair, below. You might think it looks super-manly but paired with a soft-colored sofa (think: cream) and some pastel accents, this chair can look downright dreamy.

Gustave Leather Chair, MGBW

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