Makeup Storage Idea: The Clear Cube on a Budget

August 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of my friends was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Clear Cube makeup storage but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to get organized (those dollars are better spent on more makeup!). For the longest time she just threw her beauty products under her sink in a plastic bag and would always fumble around when looking for her favorite eye shadow or lip gloss. The other day she e-mailed me some pics of her new-found cubes (only $80) and I just had to post about it (Check out Amazon for some great deals). First, I was shocked by the amount of makeup she has and second I was just in awe of how nicely organized this makes her vast collection look! And now, she doesn’t have to dig around on the floor to find something quickly and easily! She also has a healthy collection of nail polish and decided to weed out the old and organize her favorite colors with the OPI Miami lifeguard stand. The end result: perfection! How do you organize your makeup? If you have any tips or photos, I’d love for you to share! As always, thanks for reading–and thanks to my friend for her inspirational organization skills!


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