Tonight! Apartment Therapy Design Evening Event in Columbia Heights

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(left to right) H. Alex Sanchez, Eric Kole, Zoe Feldman

I recently found the Apartment Therapy Design Evenings meetup group and they are hosting an event TONIGHT in DC at 7pm. Below are all the details! If you’ve never heard of it’s a great website where you can pretty much find a group for any of your interests (I’m in a few–a women’s group, dining group, hiking group, Spanish group…well, there are just too many to list…and now, this one!). If you go, you can share with friends and tweet #AptTherapy or  follow @aposhgirl , their official tweeter for event coverage. Please let me know, too–you can find me on Twitter @afreshcoat.

What: D.C. Apartment Therapy Design Evenings
Who: Trendspotting with interior designers H. Alex Sanchez, Eric Kole, and Zoe Feldman
When: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 7:00pm
Where: The Dunes, 1402 Meridian Place NW, Top Floor, Washington, D.C. 20010

As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you again soon! xo


The Only Kind of Hurricanes I Like!

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First it was an earthquake (holy heck that scared me!) and now it’s a looming hurricane! I’m supposed to travel to the Jersey Shore this weekend for my mom’s birthday but I’m starting to re-think that decision. But all of this talk of hurricanes got me thinking of some that I actually want around me, like these beauties below! I love Jonathan Adler’s designs and his Charade Sprout Hurricane , below, is so clean and modern for a modest $38.

image courtesy of

These Pottery Barn thick blown-glass hurricanes are classic and look good with any style of decor, $12-$39/each:

image courtesy of

You guys know by now that I love me some West Elm, and their Porcelain Hurricanes add a splash of texture and let just enough light shine through to give any space a cool glow, $19-$49/each:

image courtesy of

I hope you all enjoyed looking at a few pretty hurricanes and please stay safe out there! As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and I look forward to seeing you again! xo





I Spy! Let’s Chat About A Totally Awesome Mirror In The Hotel Monaco

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photo courtesy of Hotel Monaco

I was perusing around the other day and spotted this really cool puzzle piece mirror in the lobby at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC.  I had to know more about it, so I contacted Kimpton Hotels (which the Monaco is a part of) and got the skinny. The mirror was custom made by Derapage Design in San Francisco and was designed in collaboration with the designer of the hotel’s décor, Cheryl Rowley Design. It has 24K gold edging, is 36 1/2″ high and 42 1/2″ wide
and is lightly aged (and did I mention, awesome?!). I also learned that you used to be able to purchase one just like it on the Kimpton Style website for around $5,000 but unfortunately it is no longer available. If you want this baby for your great room, you’ll have to get it custom made! I thought it was so different and coupled with the bright green walls, red couches and black and white curtains it was so wrong to me it seemed right (if that makes any sense at all to you)!

photo courtesy of Hotel Monaco

What do you guys think of this mirror? What about the design of the lobby here? Overall, I really like the design of this hotel and it’s in such a great location you have to stop in. If you’re not up for a stay, at least walk around a little and then get a cocktail at Poste Modern Brasserie outside on the patio while it’s still nice out! They have homemade ice cream sandwiches, so that’s enough right there for me.

If you have any favorite hotels I’d love to hear about them! As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and please come back again! xo


Some of my Favorite Homes in DC

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Eastern Market

Every once in a while I like to walk around DC and take pictures of some of my favorite houses. The first time I ever went to the Eastern Market area, I captured a shot of the above home with a gorgeous statue out front. I thought it was a little creepy but beautiful at the same time.

I love the architecture in DC, especially in Dupont Circle. The image below is possibly my favorite row of row homes in all of DC (so colorful and sort of remind me of the houses in Amsterdam, one of my favorite places!):

Dupont Circle

Another one of my favorite buildings is the Brewmaster’s Castle, built in 1894. I just want to move in here SO. BAD.:

Brewmaster's Castle

But of course, I can’t leave out my house. Even though I rent a tiny apartment inside an old home, I fell in love with the Victorian and smile every time I walk in the door, up the stairs and past the chandeliers. Yep, the chandeliers sold it for me for sure (there’s one on every floor)!

My Pad

Today I just wanted to share a few photos with you and I hope you enjoyed them! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading A Fresh Coat–hope to see you again soon! xoxo


Take a Seat! Some Cool Chairs Out This Fall From Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

August 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Tobi Leather Wing Chair, MGBW

I love a chair. They seem to have so much more potential for character than a plain old sofa and are built just for one–the selfish girl inside me that doesn’t want to share a good relaxing moment loves this! When I took a look at the new Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Fall catalog I instantly fell in love with some of their chairs. The past few days it’s been a little cooler in the morning and evening (I even wore a sweater last night!) and it’s made me think about curling up next to my fireplace in my favorite leather chair. If I had more space in my tiny apartment, I’d probably have at least three–maybe even only chairs rather than a sofa because I love them that much haha!

The chair that I drooled over the most is above–the Tobi Leather Wing Chair. I like it because I can see it in a living room, an office or as an accent chair in a bedroom. It seems so versatile and with the right cozy area rug and throw it could have amazing book-reading-by-the-fire potential!

London Chair, MGBW

Another contender is the London Chair, above. It just screams, “Put me near a chandelier,” to me and you all know how I also love a chandelier! It’s curvy and classy and the legs give it an added touch of character. The Winslow Chair is another favorite, with a classic paisely pattern that pops, below.

Winslow Chair, MGBW

The Ryder Rocking Chair, below, is just plain cool. I would definitely want this in my library or nursery so I could rock the day away.

Ryder Rocking Chair, MGBW

And last but not least on my list of favs is the Gustave Leather Chair, below. You might think it looks super-manly but paired with a soft-colored sofa (think: cream) and some pastel accents, this chair can look downright dreamy.

Gustave Leather Chair, MGBW

As always, thanks for reading A Fresh Coat and please come back again! Also, I love to hear about what you think in the comments section (and I also love knowing that you guys are checking out the blog!) so please give A Fresh Coat some love (and share with your friends)! xo

Free Design Class at West Elm!

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typograph by Sean Greene, image courtesy of West Elm

Sat. August 27th West Elms all around the country are hosting a free design class called “Living With Art and the Art of Living” from 10am-11am. W.E. partnered up with 20×200, a company devoted to helping everyone start an art collection. They have prints from artists all over the US and many of them start at $20, according to their site. W.E. took 10 of their favorites and is selling them in their stores, so the design class is a perfect time to check them out!

If you’re in DC, the local pop-up Georgetown store is hosting the event. Make sure you call in your reservation ahead of time to ensure they have space for you! I’ll be headed to South Jersey that weekend for my mom’s 56th Birthday (woo hoo!) so I won’t be able to make it in but if you go I’d love to hear all about it! Too bad S. Jerz doesn’t have a West Elm…the closest one is in Philly and mama dukes would not like to spend her birthday in a city.

Let me know what you think about these prints and as always, thanks for checking out A Fresh Coat and please come back again!

Missoni for Target: Coming in Sept!

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image courtesy of Target

The Missoni classic pattern is hard to miss and it’s coming to Target for a limited time: September 13th-October 22nd. The collection includes around 400 different items including mens/kids/babies fasion and of course, a collection for home (my favorite!). The price point ranges from around $5-$500 (yes, a little steep for a Target purchase at the top end) but most of the items are less than $40, which makes it pretty reasonable for your everyday girl! One of my favorite items is the 5-piece espresso set, shown above, for $39.99. I’m especially excited because my co-workers and I are getting an espresso machine this week and I think this would make a great addition to our office kitchen! Another item I liked from the collection is this awesome throw, below, for $39.99. It reminds me of something my great-grandmother made me when I was a child, except this one is much more modern and has a nice, non-itchy lining.

image courtesy of Target

I hope you enjoyed this preview of the new Missoni for Target line and I’m so happy I got to give you a sneak peek. As always, thanks for reading and please come back again! xo

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