Summer Soles: Rescue Your Sweaty Feet!

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

image courtesy of Summer Soles (insert in shoe)

Summer is almost upon is and I don’t know about you but for me all I can think about are shoes! I love this time of year–when pedis are the norm and I get to wonder the streets with my feet almost bare and embrace my wanna-be hippie style. Sandals have also always brought another thing to mind: hot, sweaty feet. I hate when you pop on those new peep-toes or a new favorite thong and the minute I walk out my door, the humidity and heat take over and I’m sliding around in my shoes. This is NOT sexy people! It’s also uncomfortable and makes shopping for cute summer shoes harder. I always look for a shoe with a suede bottom and they are not always the cutest option. Now I can buy shoes without a care because last summer I found out about Summer Soles. It’s one of those products you kick yourself for not marketing yourself! They are liners that you can cut to fit your shoe and come in suede, ultra-absorbent and all kinds of fun colors and designs (although I always stick to the tan and black). One of the best things about them is that they are removable–they have a sticker-like backing that stays in place but will not ruin your shoes–and you can change them depending on your level of stinky lol!

These things have really changed my life–now I buy whatever shoe I want and don’t even think twice if there’s a leather sole or (eek) a cheap, plastic bottom! TIP: My secret obsession for cheap, fashionable shoes: the Bamboo brand. I just bought two pairs for $20 each in DC! If you want to try out Summer Soles, I highly recommend them (and no, they have not offered me anything to blog about their product). Right now you can save 20% on your order through the weekend by entering 20 in the coupon code at checkout. Enjoy!

Bamboo Caramel 50 Gold Braided Sandal, $30, online at


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