Flea Market Time!

February 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

This Saturday I decided to check out the flea market on 9th and U to see what cool stuff I could find! I love the prospect of digging through, what sometimes happens to be a lot of trash, to find a few pieces that I hopefully can add to my list of treasures. I have to say I was slightly disappointed at the lack of “treasure” I found as most of the items for sale were electronics, not-so-hot jewelry and a TON of clothes (mostly socks and T-shirts). BUT–there were a few finds that were too good to pass up! One, was a Flip HD video recorder for $49! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Cameroon soon so we’re always looking for good deals on fun items to bring to give away while we’re there (and he had to get this)! Works perfectly and if we would have purchased it new it would have been around $180, so that was a definite score.

My favorite items I found though were some really sweet mixing bowls (see pic below)! They reminded me of some bowls from the late ’70s my mom gave me. Unfortunately, I have very little cabinet space and a strange habit of purchasing more bowls than I’ll ever have ingredients to mix so these puppies are probably still out there!

Tip: If you’re looking for a used camera, you can probably get one here pretty cheap. There was a woman who had probably a few hundred cameras at a table–everything from film to digital. Bring some batteries though so you can test them out first (most of them were dead).

If you go to the U St. Flea Market, open 9-5 every Sat and Sun, you will definitely have to dig but there are a few good finds if you’re in the neighborhood! Happy Treasure Hunting! If you have a favorite flea market in the DC area (or anywhere!) I’d love to hear about it–send me a comment or a Tweet @afreshcoat.


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