I’m Thankful for Online Shopping (and trees)

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ahhhh….Thanksgiving. To me Thanksgiving means a lot of things like getting to see your family, eating turkey (my favorite meal) and lots and lots of shopping! Black Friday is probably my favorite time of the year. My mom and I scour the advertisements and plan out a map of what stores we’d like to hit and at what times in order to score the best deals. I adore shopping but even more I like getting a good deal on something.

Recently, I was introduced to this fantastic website called ThisNext (http://www.thisnext.com/). It’s a fantastic plethora of products from top designers where members can “like” and “recommend” different items from dishes to dresses. I was browsing through and found this amazing Shawn Lovell Metalworks tree bed ($15,000). While it’s not a “deal” it is an amazing product that I may not have found on my own. And to think ThisNext has been around since 2006! Does everyone else know about this site? I plan on scouring it for my Black Friday shopping to see what products might make great presents for my friends…and then find deals on them! Hooray!

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving and for online shopping (and trees!). Safe travels everyone!



Make Your Own Goddess Costume

November 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of the costumes! However, I tend to be on the thrifty side and don’t like to spend an arm and a leg on a costume so this year I decided to make it myself! I don’t own a sewing machine (insert sad face here) but I can do a simple stitch on my own and if there’s glitter involved, I’m so down! I had a pair of curtains in a beautiful deep magenta that I thought would make a perfect goddess dress and I happened to stumble across a very inspriational makeup video on youtube that made me decide I needed to be a goddess (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp_D6Hhglic)–easy costume to make, and the makeup is the really fun part!

Here’s what I used:

1.Old set of curtains I was no longer using (free)

2. Michaels: gold craft glue (non-toxic), golden jewels, crystal jewels, safety pins, golden leaves/flowers (about $30)

3. CVS: False Eyelashes (about $7 for the starter kit)

4. Target: gold-glitter belt ($12), Milani “Bronze Doll” eyeshadow ($5.99)

5. Other makeup/accessories: bronzer, eyeliner, Cover Girl eyeshadow and mascara and bobby pins from my everyday makeup kit

6. Bronzer: Fake Bake Mousse, $25.95, fakebake.com (this was an extra treat and I plan on using this product a lot over the holidays!)

7. Other craft supplies I had handy: black wire, glue gun

The process:

The dress: this was SO easy! I took one curtain and folded it in half, then wrapped it around my body. I placed the safety pins where the dress needed to close, slid it off (carefully!) and sewed along the body and the bottom to make seams. Then, I put the curtains inside out and-BAM-body of dress was done! Don’t get me wrong, the hand-sewing took some time (OK, about three hours) but it was well worth it! I didn’t want the dress to come apart in the middle of the party!

Obviously, this was just a curtain wrapped around me and had no real waist, which is where the belt came in! I slipped the dress back on, put the belt on and just like that, my dress had a waist. I thought I needed an extra layer of fabric around me to give the dress a more etherial look so I cut another piece of fabric and pinned it around my hips to give the dress some flow. Then I took the second curtain and made a wrap–I literally wrapped it around my shoulders, set with a safety pin and put a golden leaf on top of the pin to hide it.

The crown: I took the golden leaves, attached some to bobby pins and placed in my hair and tied a crown with the black wire. I glued separate leaves where the black wire was showing.

The makeup: I loosely used the Youtube video as inspiration but I was very sad when I realized the golden craft glue I bought was more clear than golden, so my eyebrows were just normal. I did use the glue to place the jewels on my forehead though so that was good!

And, that was my costume. All it took was a little planning and about a day to put everything together. My friends and I went to the Historical Society Party in DC and had a blast! Hope your Halloween was fun, too!

I’m still getting the adding pictures thing down, but here’s a selection from the night! Enjoy!

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