Time for Pumpkin-Carving!

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, this past couple of weeks have been very busy with friends visiting from out of town and a hectic work schedule. However, there’s always time to release the creative juices when it comes to my group of friends. We decided to have a pumpkin-carving party last night and it was a blast! Here’s what we did:

The tools:

The Process

First, we laid out a bunch of newspaper on the coffee table to prep for the mess that was to come. Then, we placed our pumpkins, bowl, spoon and tools on the table so everything was at our fingertips. We used a bread knife to cut the top of the pumpkins off and began the task of taking all the guts out. The carving kits came with a scraper that was helpful, especially to get the side you want to carve on extra-thin. After the inside was nice and smooth, we taped on our patterns and got to work.

This crow on a branch pattern is from bhg.com

We worked pretty hard on our carvings and spent from about an hour and a half to…four hours!…on our carvings. All of our hard work was definitely worth it though!






Kim creating her masterpiece

Carving kit and John's work-in-progress

John, Matt and Kim carving away!

And then, there were pumpkins! If you carve any of your own send me pictures!

Scary Face by Matt, Crow by me, Ginger by John

Medusa by Kim


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