October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Delicious Decal, Yummy Deal!

I am an apartment dweller and as such, there are a lot of things I can’t do (per my lease) that homeowners can. One of those things is paint anything that I don’t want to paint back white before I move out. Some of the other rooms in my apartment I think I could handle–for example, my teeny-tiny bathroom that puts NY bathrooms to shame or an accent wall in my living room. But my bedroom is just too big of a project to invest all that time in which is why I decided to put my energy into finding the perfect purple bedspread and curtains. But I felt like my walls needed a little something special and ever since wall decals became “all the fad” a few years back I’ve envied those stickers and really wanted them in my place. Alas, my budget did not allow me to spend the hundreds of dollars decals cost when they first came out. Luckily, now that they’ve been on the market for a bit my good friend Target has pulled through and come out with a wonderful line of decals! Check out the chandelier I scored at Target for $14.99! It really adds that finishing touch I wanted and it’s removable. It also comes with these pretty crystals you stick on top of the decal where the “lights” would be. It may sound cheesy but it looks very sophisticated and doesn’t even look like a sticker! I seriously enjoy quick projects like these that look like I spent a ton of time on them. If you’re worried about applying the decal improperly, don’t fret–I peeled mine on and off at least three times before I got it just right! Please mind the picture quality below, I took it with my iPhone 1. Yes, I still have the original iPhone…but that’s another post!


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